WMS Connects Anywhere: 20 Years Marks a New Brand

I am excited to unveil our new Brand as we continue to drive the innovation, technology, and value our partners have relied on for 20 years.

WMS has been the trusted strategic partner for connectivity in the most challenging and hard-to-reach places for cruise and ferry passengers, crew, and onboard operations. We are renewing our commitment to deliver best-in-class engineering, networks, roaming, support, and revenue growth for our clients. Passengers and crew members enjoy and share their on-board experiences through connections that we make possible anywhere.

Seamless Connections Through Innovation

Well before smartphones became ubiquitous, WMS was laying the foundation for remote wireless connectivity at sea. Our new Brand is an expression of the innovation that has become part of our DNA. We are creating a better platform to connect with our valued customers, as well as partners in new markets. Our legacy remains the same, while our service options keep expanding, and we’re inspired to share this new Brand story. Connect Anywhere is our new theme, coupled with an evolved visual presence illustrated throughout our enhanced WMSAtSea.com website.

Bridging Gaps Around the World, One Customer at a Time

Today, the vast majority of ocean-going cruise ships rely on our wireless networks. Our focus on designing, installing, and managing onboard wireless networks has resulted in more than 1 million hours of network connectivity at sea annually, across 25 cruise lines, and more than 200 ships and ferries in service across the globe. With 30 million potential annual roaming cruise passengers and more than 100 terabytes of data generated in 2023, demand for our service continues to grow. We’re positioned to meet the challenge.

Expertise that Sets Us Apart

None of our past successes or our exciting future would be conceivable without the dedication of our exceptional team. Their hard work and commitment deliver unparalleled mobile experiences anywhere that our partners and their customers have come to expect. I’m proud to lead this organization and grateful for the tireless effort and focus of our team in serving our customers.

Let’s Connect the Future

Our journey began in 2004 with the installation of the first commercial cellular network on a cruise ship. Along the way, WMS has led the industry in all major milestones in the technological evolution of cellular connectivity in remote places.  Fast forward to today, we are preparing for exciting technological advances such as the launch of 5G at sea, new cruise passes and packages, and connectivity alternatives tapping exciting partnerships. We will continue to shape what’s new in innovation, technology, and value as we help define how to connect people and business…anywhere. Thank you for joining us on this journey!