Experience the Most Unique Destinations with Exploris One and Cellular at Sea

[MIRAMAR, FLA., July 11, 2024] – Ahoy, cruisers! We have some thrilling news that’s bound to make waves among travel enthusiasts and connectivity aficionados alike. Picture this: you’re sailing across the open seas aboard the cutting-edge Exploris One, a cruise ship designed for exploration – with our convenient, accessible, and affordable Cellular at Sea service enabling connectivity throughout your voyage.

### Setting Sail with Connectivity

Imagine exploring the world’s most unique and remote destinations – places where untamed wilderness meets the infinite horizon. Now, add to that the ability to stay in touch with loved ones, share your adventures real-time, and even conduct secure transactions effortlessly.

### What Does This Mean for Guests and Crew?

Exploris One is equipped with Cellular at Sea 3G and 4G-LTE, ensuring you can conduct voice calls and text with friends and family, send emails, and post on social media while you explore the most remote corners of our planet. For crew members, it means streamlined personal and operational communications.

### Discovering New Horizons

Exploris Expeditions & Cruises takes you to extraordinary places, but also ensures every moment of your journey is connected, whether you’re an avid adventurer seeking uncharted territories or a digital nomad.

### Learn More and Set Sail

Curious to learn more about where adventure meets connectivity? Visit https://www.exploris.co and https://www.cellularatsea.com.

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Photo: ©Exploris – JF Fayolle1