Our Expertise

We harness our engineering expertise to design, build, and manage
wireless networks in challenging environments.


Before there were smartphones, there was WMS. We have designed, installed and managed wireless networks on more than 200+ ships and maritime vessels, harnessing our engineering expertise to optimize performance and deliver superior mobile experiences.

Cellular Roaming

We have built a fully-integrated global roaming network, with the support
of our 400+ partners around the world, to provide complete coverage and connectivity anywhere. These partnerships are built on wholesale pricing
models that maximize revenue potential for cruise lines and carriers.


Global Roaming Partners


Countries Eligible
for Service


Passengers Eligible
for Service

RF Design

We created the first on-ship wireless network 20 years ago and now operate on more than 200 ocean vessels, including the world’s largest cruise ship. Our expertise in radio frequency (RF) engineering in challenging environments enables us to design and optimize performance through bulkheads and multiple decks. 


Ships in


Terabytes of Data

Network Integration

Once a network design is complete, WMS professionally installs equipment, including rack, cabling, antennas, and other components on site. We work with any internet backhaul connection, including GEO, MEO, and LEO satellite constellations such as Starlink, a current service provider on many of our ships.

Network Management

We know how to keep an on-board network running. Our Network Management Center monitors ships at sea 24/7. We work with the IT teams on ships to execute regular upgrades and can deploy global on-vessel service teams to intercept a ship at the next port-of-call for required interventions.


Network Management
of Ships at Sea



People / Expertise

We have been in business for 20 years, since the dawn of mobile communications. Our employees come from diverse work environments, including maritime, cruise, military, and associated industries. Our institutional knowledge and expertise are unmatched in the industry.


Years of

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