WMS Introduces Solutions To Modernize Ocean-Going Ferry Connectivity

-20 Years of Experience Leading Maritime Connectivity Introduces Innovation to Passengers, Crew, and Operations-

MIRAMAR, FLORIDA, May 9, 2024 – WMS, the premier global wireless provider, is expanding its innovative cellular and Wi-Fi services — that significantly improve the passenger experience and simplify connectivity management — to ocean-going ferries.

As ferry passenger and crew demand for connectivity grows, these new WMS solutions enable ferry operators to deliver a better, higher quality onboard experience, similar to that of a cruise ship. The WMS offering includes an industry-leading Wi-Fi portal, network design, installation, management, and monitoring. This solution will require little onboard infrastructure, yet deliver the industry’s most robust Wi-Fi and cellular service. Ferry passengers and crew want to stay connected to family and friends more than ever, and the trend to do work onboard has only increased.

“WMS pioneered the first wireless network on a cruise ship 20 years ago, and our service is now on more than 200 ships,” said Michael Abdul, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, WMS. “It is a natural extension to offer our high-demand service to ocean-going ferries. Our investment in technology and innovation will create value for ferry operators, passengers, and crew alike.”

These services, which WMS will demonstrate at next week’s SHIPPAX Conference, will showcase the company’s networks, its unmatched engineering expertise, services from more than 350 global roaming partners, a best-in-class Wi-Fi solution, and leading customer support.

“Ferry passengers and crew require easier access to increased connectivity today more than ever,” said Kerry Pettitt, Ferry Sales Director, WMS. “The WMS solution will satisfy the demand to stay in touch with family and friends during downtime on a ferry passage. Many also want to use this time to catch up on work or need to stay connected to work without interruption. This service will significantly modernize the experience previously available to this market.”

The solution will not only enable quick, seamless, and affordable internet connectivity. It will also relieve the ferry operators of previous IT and service management requirements for maintaining such a system. WMS has 20 years’ expertise in designing, installing, monitoring, and managing services at sea. This is coupled with its high-touch, easy-to-manage Wi-Fi portal access gateway platform. Ferry operators can offer a more quality connectivity experience with little to no work managing it on their end.

WMS introduced 2G, 3G, and 4G-LTE on cruise ships, as well as the first low earth orbit (LEO) satellite cellular cruise integration. WMS is now at the forefront of rolling out the first 5G system, which will also one day enhance connectivity on ocean-going ferries.

WMS encourages visits to its Exhibition Booth 24 to learn more at the SHIPPAX Ferry Conference aboard the Tallink Baltic Queen May 13-15, 2024. Attendees also can join WMS for its sponsored Nightcap Event. And for more information, please visit https://www.wmsatsea.com/ferry.

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WMS is the premier global provider of wireless connectivity services connecting people and business…anywhere. WMS pioneered the first wireless network on a cruise ship 20 years ago. It remains the trusted strategic partner for connectivity in the most challenging and hard-to-reach places, for passengers, crew, and onboard operations, delivering best in class technology, service, and revenue growth for its clients. Passengers and crew of cruise and ferry lines rely on its hundreds of networks, its unmatched engineering expertise, its global roaming partners, and its leading customer support to connect…anywhere. For more information, please visit https://wmsatsea.com.

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