Errol Olivier

Executive Chairman

Mr. Olivier assumed the role of Executive Chairman of WMS at the company’s acquisition in 2022. Mr. Olivier is a recognized early pioneer of satellite telephony and broadband data services in the oil and gas industry, as well as their expansion to the global maritime, mining, and cruise industries. He began his career in the telecommunications industry in 1985 with Shell Oil Company. In 1990, he joined IWL Communications, which went through an IPO in 1996 and two years later by merger became CapRock Communications. Mr. Olivier led a private equity-backed management buyout of CapRock from McCleod USA in 2001, at which point he served as President & Chief Operating Officer. Since 2001, he took on several executive roles leading each company through a recapitalization, including President & CEO of Broadpoint, President and CEO of MTN Satellite Communications, and most recently Chief Operating Officer of RigNet until Viasat acquired it in 2021. During his tenure as CEO of MTN, Mr. Olivier served on the board of WMS from 2011 until 2015.