IoT At Sea

We are global leaders in maritime digital transformation.

Seamless wireless container management at sea.


  • Real-time remote visibility of assets at sea
  • Mixed Fleet capable, with multiple telematics providers supported through a single wireless vessel network
  • 100% wireless vessel coverage including bridge and cargo holds above and below deck
  • Real-time vessel condition alerts


  • Text alarm notifications available to crew members everywhere on the vessel
  • Wireless, centralized container monitoring and management
  • Faster response to container alarms, reducing cargo spoilage and insurance claims
  • Reduced or eliminated reefer inspections, requiring fewer crew hours for cargo monitoring


  • Remote asset and systems management, including reefer setting changes, alarm management, and data downloads
  • Superior vessel network uptime with virtually no remote loss of connectivity at sea

Multiple Telematics Providers

Supported Through a Single Wireless Vessel Network

  • WMS IoT at Sea can support multiple refrigerated and dry cargo devices on a single wireless vessel network for company-owned 
and guest containers through vessel sharing agreements (VSAs)
  • The WMS vessel network is fully integrated with leading telematics platforms, including OrbcommCarrier Transicold’s LynxFleet and Globe Tracker’s GT Sense
  • WMS has certified leading telematcis devices to work with our vessel network, sending data from the vessel to their proprietary cloud platforms
  • We are certifying devices with our IoT at Sea vessel network in our lab
  • Telematics devices for refrigerated container, dry container, and cargo sensors operating on cellular, LoRa WAN, or Bluetooth protocols

Seafarers are the heart of maritime shipping.

These resilient men and women work tirelessly to enable 90% of global trade. WMS is committed to empowering these seafarers with the tools and technology to make container management at sea more efficient, easier, and safer.

Respond In Minutes

Vessel crew receive container text alarm notifications anywhere on the vessel*

Make Tasks Easy

Useful text alarm content eases crew 
responses to container incidents*

Improve Safety At Sea

Centrally monitor and manage
containers at sea – wirelessly*

*Requires integration with WMS telematics partners on vessel platform to deliver capabilities. Please contact us for details.

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