Know Before You Go: How to Stay Connected on Your Memorial Day Weekend Cruise

-Massive Summer 2024 Global Travel and Cruising Season Expected-

MIRAMAR, FL – May 21, 2024 Approaching what AAA anticipates to be the second most-traveled U.S. Memorial Day Weekend in 20 years, cruising also is expected to be the fastest-growing tourism sector, according to the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA). The Summer of 2024 no doubt will fuel that cruising growth. With this exciting forecast, staying connected on a cruise is a key consideration. Travelers will be seeking the balance of adventure with the need to stay in touch on social media, with family and friends, as well as with work requirements.

In preparation for this burgeoning summer travel season, cruisers can equip themselves with the following essential knowledge to stay connected:

1. **Assess Your Anticipated Mobile Device Usage**: You should determine whether you will be a moderate mobile device user during your cruise or a heavy user. You will be a moderate user if you plan to conduct voice and video calls; to text; to engage in light social media, emailing, and internet browsing, as well as secure data transactions such as mobile banking. Or you may expect heavy usage, with hours of social media, emailing, and internet browsing; streaming; or downloading large files.

2. **Explore Cellular Services for Moderate Usage**: For moderate usage, leveraging your home cellular provider’s service through the Cellular at Sea network can provide convenient connectivity in staterooms and public spaces aboard ships. With affordable and reliable plans, cruisers can stay connected thanks to more than 400 partner cellular providers with service on 200 ships. Cellular at Sea becomes available when your ship gets 12 nautical miles from shore (after about an hour). You will receive a text message from your home provider with detailed rates, allowing you to opt in or out of the offer. Opting in will allow you to use your phone as normal, with slight nuances such as needing international country codes to place phone calls. Turn off Airplane Mode for Cellular at Sea to allow calls, texts, and data services to work. To avoid unwanted roaming charges, close out apps not in use, and turn off auto-updates on apps, location services, and auto fetch on email. Also, enable International Roaming before setting sail. Your cellular provider will charge you for your service following your cruise in the next billing cycle.

3. **Opt for a Wi-Fi Package for Heavy Usage**: Heavy mobile device users requiring robust internet access for email, browsing, and social media; streaming; and downloading large files should subscribe to cruise line Wi-Fi packages. These packages cater to various heavy online usage needs, and ensure seamless connectivity throughout the voyage. You should subscribe to a package that allows you to access the internet for a set fee. Consider one that suits your needs for the most bandwidth-intensive applications.

4. **Combine Cellular and Wi-Fi**: If you anticipate spending a lot of time on the internet but also need your phone for clients, babysitters, bosses, or family to reach you, consider utilizing both cellular services for your phone and Wi-Fi for your laptop. Research that WMS conducted among cruisers in 2023 indicated that guests who utilize both services report higher satisfaction with their onboard communication experience.

By following these guidelines, and staying informed about new packages and promotions, cruisers can enjoy a fulfilling voyage staying connected with family and friends while remaining available for important personal and/or work updates. Cruisers can visit Cellular at Sea, as well as their cruise operator’s web site, for more information on offerings.

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