Wireless Maritime Solution
WMS uses state of the art technology to provide the world’s largest suite of at-sea cellular communication services for passengers and crew. WMS operates a redundant, high-availability core network based on the worldwide industry standards of GSM and CDMA. Our network is designed to be fully equipped for remote and self-sufficient operation and monitoring.  By partnering with AT&T Mobility and MTN Satellite Communications, we provide the absolute best-in-class service to our customers. AT&T Mobility is the leading GSM carrier in United States with international roaming in over 200 countries worldwide.  MTN provides its renowned “Always On–Always Available” global VSAT services through its MTN Satellite Services division to ensure connectivity virtually anywhere in the world.

WMS supports UMTS, GSM & CDMA technologies providing innovative technology capable of serving all major wireless telecommunication companies worldwide. For our shore side and shipboard equipment, WMS relies on Tier 1 vendors with the highest MTBF available in the maritime industry to deliver the most reliable network with the greatest uptime. Moreover we have nearly 400 agreements with roaming partners worldwide.

WMS uses advanced technology to provide the best communication services while at sea. Using voice and data compression that optimizes bandwidth consumption, more guests can utilize the valuable satellite resources effectively to provide the ultimate customer experience with high quality voice and data transmissions.

By continually researching, testing and implementing new technologies, WMS delivers the most reliable and up-to-date services to our customers. Working with the world's most prestigious cellular equipment providers, WMS offers the following technologies to passengers onboard our cruise and ferry liners:
• UMTS (3G)

WMS utilizes sophisticated monitoring tools to continuously track and trend the cellular network to rapidly detect and correct any anomalies utilizing network Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and other alerting mechanisms. We share network metrics with our cruise line partners in the form of a customer network portal and at regularly scheduled customer update meetings, in order to inform our partners of the networks’ performance.

Whether sailing the Caribbean or in the most remote parts of the globe, WMS’s network offers maritime guests and crew members seamless coverage anywhere a functioning VSAT network is available. Currently working with multiple VSAT providers, including two of the industry leaders, WMS can work with any VSAT supplier.

Network Management Center (NMC)

Wireless Maritime Services (WMS) offers a state of the art Network Management Center (NMC) which monitors operations 24 hours each day, 365 days each year. Dedicated trained professionals provide monitoring and support for the cellular systems onboard 135+ ships in our fleet no matter where they are in the world.

Network Management Center engineers work with high-quality equipment and software to deliver uninterrupted service to our customers. The NMC is positioned to work directly with higher level engineers for expedited solutions and swift escalation.

In addition to supporting the WMS network equipment, the NMC also provides unparalleled customer service to our cruise and ferry line partners and their crew. We provide remote assistance for issues and questions that might arise ranging from highly technical to simple dialing patterns.

Our strong relationship with onboard points-of-contact allows one-on-one guidance for the occasional instances when hardware must be replaced. Using an advanced trouble-ticketing system, the NMC tracks all issues with detail and accuracy.

The network management team consistently undertakes continuing education and advanced technical training in order to maintain the most knowledgeable team of network engineers in an ever evolving industry.

WMS Network Management Center contact information:
24 hour Phone number: 1-954-883-2407
24 hour Email address: